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Cooking oil is one the basic ingredients needed by the community.

Pouring oil into a frying pan to proses food is a mandatory activity that occurs every day.However,not all cooking on the market is safe for consumption.Therefore,you must know the content of healthy and nutritious cooking oil. One of the criteria that a healthy oil must have is that it remains stable when haeted at higt temperatures.Stables healthy cooking oil can be seen from the reaction of the oil when exposed to hot temperatures.Low quality oils are usually easily oxidized.

Due to excess reaction to oxygen,oil tends to form free radicals. To avoid this,you can choose healthy oils with low levels of fatty acid saturation.Here’s how to find out type of cooking oil based on its saturation level:

Cooking Oil Saturation Level

  • Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA)

Saturated fatty acids generally have a carbon chain that is completely filled with hydrogen atoms.Saturated fatty acids are usually found in tropical oil products such as palm oil,coconut oil or copra oil and animal fat oils such as butter. Because it has a acrbon chain full of hydrogen atoms,this oil containing saturated fatty acids is suitable for frying foods at high temperatures.

  • Monounsaturated Fatty Acid (MUFAs)

Referred to as monounsaturated fatty acids,this type of oil has a fatty acid structure that is not solid.This oil has lost two hydrogen atoms.You can find monounsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil products such as olive oil,avocado oil or oils made from nuts.

  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)

This type of oil has very unstable properties.polyunsaturated fatty acids have lost several hydrogen atoms and have two or more double bond.Oil that contain polyunsaturated fats can be found in reparaseed oil,cottonseed oil,riec bran oil,corn oil,sunflower oil and soybean oil. Because they are so unstable,oils with polyunsaturataed fats are more likely to generate high level of free radicals when haeted.Therefore,do not get too close if you cook with polynsaturated fatty acid oil. Knowing the Smoke Point of Cooking Oil


Healhty oils can also be identified by their smoke point.

What is smoke point ? The smoke point is an indicator of the temperature of the cooking oil. The smoke point can be seen when the cooking oil stops boiling and produces smoke.Generally,a stable oil will have a high smoke point.That is,the oil has resistance to high temperatures. Oil that has passed its smoke point will begin to decompose into the air. The oil will lose nutrients and tend to produce smoke that contains harmful free radicals.When heated oil smoke,it approaches the flash point. The flash point is an indicator at which the oil can burn.Therefore,you should always be careful when using oil for cooking.The smoke point of oil can be determined based on two categories,namely unrefined oil an refined oil, as follows :

  • Unrefined Oil

Unrefined cooking oil is also referred to as crude oil.This oil is produced from the extraction process through crushing and presising raw materials that are left alone,without going through further processes. This kind of extraction process is aimed at preserving the flavor and nutrition of the oil.Unrefined oil is indeed healthier,unfortunately this type of cooking oil is not suitable for hot temperatures.This type of haelhty oil is only suitable for use as a dressing or topping on food and for cooking at low temperatures.

  • Refined Oil

Refined cooking oil is processed using intensive chemicals.This type of oil is made to produce a neutral taste and a longer shelf life.In addition,refined oil is kore resistant to hot temperatures because it has a high smoke point. This purification process is salso known as filtering or refining.Refined oil is suitable for those of you who like to cook food at high heat.Examples of refined oils are packaged cooking oil and virgin coconut oil.


The raw materials used to make oil,greatly affect the quality of cooking oil.Raw materials such as nuts,seeds and fruits are used as elements containing fatty acids to form cooking oil. Oil made from organic raw materials will produce good quality healthy oil.Organic raw materials generally do not contain pesticides that may dissolve in fat,which will evetually accumulate in the vegetable fatty acids of cooking oil.

In addition,raw materials containing pesticides and chemical fertilizers usually produce less oil.However,not all healthy oils are made from organic raw materials found in the wild from nature.Some manufacturers develop organic oils from genetically modified plant. Genetically modified crops used to make healthy oils include canola, corn, cootonseed, grapeseed, to soybeans and other legumes

✔️ Conclusion Those are some of the ingredients in cooking oil that you should know.Indonesia itself has many choices of healthy and quality cooking oil.The tropical climate and geographical conditions make indonesia the best producer of cooking oil raw materilas in the world. One of the oil producers in indonesia is Agia Persada CV.Companies engaged in the processing of high quality coconjut oil. Agia Persada CV is committed to providing quality,healthy and high quality oil products.Supported by strict manufacturing practices,each product is made from premium raw materials to produce the best healthy cooking oil.