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RBD coconut oil is a type of oil that can be used for cooking because RBD oil is in liquid form so it is the choice of many people to use for cooking at home. In addition, this cooking oil is also widely used in various business places such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and various types of food factories such as snacks. The characteristics of RBD coconut oil are:

  • not thick
  • clearly
  • Does not stick to fried products
  • Fried results become more crispy
  • Reduce oil to last longer
  • Not easy to change color
  • Heats up faster

With the various advantages that exist in RBD coconut oil, it is the choice of many people to use coconut oil. Besides being healthier and more economical than other oils, the results of cooking and fried foods are also of higher quality so that they can produce better food or products. Besides being very good for use for various cooking and frying needs, coconut oil also has many health benefits.

●Benefits of Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil for Health

The content in coconut oil that not many people know about is lauric acid, generally people only know the advantages of coconut oil for cooking, but never know in more detail about its health benefits, one of which is the benefits of lauric acid.

Bruce Fife in his book entitled The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil, coconut oil with its main component lauric acid has several benefits. These benefits include:

  • 1) reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and related diseases
  • 2) reduce the risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases
  • 3) helps prevent viral infections
  • 4) supports the immune system
  • 5) helps prevent osteoporosis
  • 6) helps control diabetes
  • 7) regain (lose) weight
  • 8) provides a fast source of energy
  • 9) provides fewer calories compared to other fats
  • 10) provides essential nutrients for health
  • 11) improve the digestive system and absorption of nutrients
  • 12) helps skin stay soft and smooth
  • 13) helps prevent skin cancer
  • 14) does not contain cholesterol
  • 15) does not raise blood cholesterol
  • 16) does not cause obesity

Of the several benefits above regarding the benefits of lauric acid, coconut oil also contains many other nutrients such as calcium and magnesium levels so it is safe for people with gallstones and kidney stones and coronary heart disease and is safe for cooking utensils because it is very low in 3-MCPD levels. Because the heavy metal contamination is very low, coconut oil does not cause cancer if used continuously.

Thus information about coconut oil which contains many benefits for both cooking and health. Hopefully with this explanation, you will understand more about the goodness of coconut oil and choose coconut oil as a daily cooking ingredient for your beloved family and be able to live a healthy life.